Techno biscuits



Goodness. Has it really been a year since we last had anything from Michael Lovatt? Seeingly so. He’s back as the start of Jan with his new Sparks EP.

Spark is a lovely piano-led techno tune. Full of seasonal brisk coldness and sparkle. Very Detroitish. Marino Deep gives it sleazy funk bass and a bit of slo-mo disco loucheness. Like it’s waiting for a Barry White vocal. Reisender is probably the best thing here, just edging Spark. More glittering techno light than a Christmas tree. The title translates from German as ‘traveller’ and if there’s a seasonal traveller you want it’s Father Christmas, who should be having this tech tune blasting from the sleigh (on promo obv) in the next couple of weeks. So, if you’ve been good, listen out for this present.

The disco biscuits are comte biscuits I thought I’d have a go at.

Out January 5th Beatport Exclusive and January 19th general release.


~ by acidted on December 8, 2014.

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