This post has guitars


Guitars. Not something that features here very often. One of the few non-dance tracks to have been featured here over the past few years was The Mattson 2’s Black Rain. A surf jazz guitar romp. It’s remained an iPod favourite. They’re back with new album Agar.

Here’s a couple of tracks. Peaks of Yew comes over like The Shadows with attitude. Think FBI done widescreen. Dif Juz is a rather different kettle of fish. More of a serious black and white photographed jazz number.

Peaks of Yew

And freebie Dif Juz

Blurb: The Mattson 2 are pleased to announce their new full-length album, Agar. The new album finds the Mattsons striding into a new realm of sound that blends their signature jazz soundscapes with the ethereal sonic structures and haunting landscapes of improvisational Raga techniques. This time around, the Mattson 2 have gone deeper and darker, balancing a perfect ebb and tidal flow of sound to create something truly mesmerizing. In order to create the stunning musical journey of Agar, the Mattson 2 went to the studio with producer Thomas Campbell and the legendary John X Volaitis – who has worked with the likes of the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Phoenix. And for the first time ever, the Mattson 2 recorded the album live in the studio, further adding to the exciting layers of improvisation and perfectly composed chaos via their inimitable drums, guitar, and loop based sound.

~ by acidted on December 11, 2014.

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  1. Nice.

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