When we started we were indie kids, listening to the Valentines, House of Love, Spacemen 3, Loop, all that kind of thing



That’s a quote from Mark Bell of Ride (and Huricane #1, Oasis and Beady Eye) on their reunion and 2015 tour. I was never one for The Scene That Celebrates Itself or the shoegazing thing into which it would morph back in the 90s. Never got that whole spiralling cathedrals of sounds and mumbled lyrics. Never was enticed into buying Nowhere, which was a staple of any-self respecting indie kid of the early 90s.

Guitars and more guitars is my image. It’s therefore a bit of a surprise to find Bell working with JMRS (Jonny Moy and Rob Spectrum) on a beautiful tune that lands somewhere between space italo disco and indie dance. This is a total Balearic gem in its Epic Journey Mix incarnation. Hazy music for the sunrise. Bell’s own remix is a bit more psychedelic and locks into a bassy groove. Terrifically trippy.

JMRS provide two mixes. The Lean mix comes in vocal and dub variants. This is a bit more 80s synth-funk on a more deliberate tempo. Neither quite work as well as the Epic Journey or Andy Bell mixes.

Andy Bell Mix

Epic Journey Mix

Whole EP (clips)

Blurb: Hot on the heels from the announcement that 90s Indie Rock gods Ride are to reform here at Nang towers we are really pleased to be putting out a great collaboration from kick-ass dance duo JMRS and Andy Bell (the songwriter and guitarist from not one but four huge bands; Ride, Hurricane #1, Oasis & Beady Eye). Yes that is an Indie Rock pedigree in the world of Indie rock as pure as it comes. JMRS are the duo Jonny Moy (the JM) and Rob Spectrum (the RS) divide their time between Dublin and Brighton and with 20 years of experience each as DJs and producers, they come armed and dangerous.

“Only A Feeling” comes in four flavours. First up is the original “Epic Journey Mix”. This follows a sound-meld of 1990s indie dance and 2014 disco house. Andys vocal somehow sounds both brooding and funky at the same time. Add in the layers of stabby muscular JMRS bass and darting electronics and we have our own Nang epic on the go. Next up Andy Bell himself takes the controls and takes things on a trippier, darker and thoughtful direction. Dark day underground warm up set 1995? job done. To finish up JMRS go for the swing with their floor led slow stomp groover. The “Lean” version is stripped back and comes in vocal and dub flavours.

We sure like to mix it up here at Nang. As far as featuring vocalists goes we have had Phil Oakey, Roots Manuva, Steve Strange and many others. Ever so pleased to welcome the ever-cool Andy Bell to that list.

~ by acidted on December 18, 2014.

One Response to “When we started we were indie kids, listening to the Valentines, House of Love, Spacemen 3, Loop, all that kind of thing”

  1. ‘Nowhere’ is a great record. I was listening to it a couple of weeks ago and it’s still the bollocks. All that waffle about shoegazing and whatever is irrelevant. Terrific album.

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