Pepe Deluxe – My Flaming Thirst (Soundhog Instrumental Remix)


Since we had a Soundhog mixtape yesterday, here’s a competition winning mix for a Pepe Deluxe track from Ben which goes for that Kraftwerk synth motorik thingie that he loves but with a cinematic widescreen intent.

He says “My remix-competition-winning-remix* from 2012, stripped of anything I didn’t do (i.e. the vocals). It was meant to come out on ‘digtal platforms’ but it didn’t, so I’ll upload it myself here… sod it. Lose yourself in the sound of my ’70s analogue synthesizers and my carefully programmed semi-motorik beats… or at least have a quick listen to something I actually spent a bit of time on, for a change.

* A glittering career change was not forthcoming, not even a solitary invitation to do something for anyone for bugger all, but If it wasn’t for this then you wouldn’t be hearing anything I’ve done since, as I wouldn’t have done it and I wouldn’t have a Soundcloud account to put it on. So that’s some sort of plus, isn’t it? Erm…”

~ by acidted on December 20, 2014.

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