Larry Jefferson – 150 Cycles EP




The sharpest of frosts this morning had me pining for the duvet and ruing the need to go to work. And the need for some music to go with the thought of bed. Delicate Detroit house from Larry Jefferson is just the thing for a bit of duvet house. Warms you up and enough life in it to make you want to wriggle your toes. But not so much that you’ll do anything too vigorous to disturb your duvet microclimate.

The new EP from Larry is a three track affair. There’s a lot of Ultramarine present (especially in opener 150 Cycles) but also some acid.

150 Cycles starts as a slightly desolate and dislocated piece with vague echoes and voices swirling about. But it becomes a hazy summery tune, with the light acid stylings owing much to Ultramarine’s British Summertime. Holiday (Dead Lucked) is a more serious affair. This is a Holiday not in the Madonna sense, rather a cold windswept seafront. Reminds me of a dull holiday I once had in Minehead (sorry Minehead). Boops is (despite the slightly silly title) the most serious and most gorgeous of the three tracks. It’s also the one most likely to send you into reverie with its hypnotic structures. Part Ultramarine in their more reflective moments, part chiming house with an air of epic grandeur. Go buy – via Bandcamp.

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~ by acidted on January 2, 2015.

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