Bad Life Retrospective


Still keeping on with 2014, here’s an album’s worth of free downloads from the Bad Life label. Half downtempo sounds and half restrained IDM techno. Definitely merits your HD space.

Bad Life are one of those labels always worth keeping an eye out for. Their stuff ranges from full on electro house and techno to delicate indie and downtempo. This compilation focuses on the more downtempo end of things. It opens with the downtempo sweetness of Astro Zu and Sungod ft Tusks. This sweet sentiment continues with Attaque’s Change Your Mind which has a wistful indie dance stance and ought to be sung by Sarah Cracknell and D/R/U/G/S’ Overcome.

Symmetry’s Delay Modulation offers a different approach with the restrained Detroit techno of Delay Modulation. One of the highlights of the comp. That continues with Luke Walker’s Represent which ventures onto the dance floor with a slinky bass line. Gilmer Galibard takes it back down with the more IDM sounds of Point of Entry. This sits somewhere between Banco de Gaia and Beaumont Hannant, for those old enough to remember. Another highlight. The comp closes with Astro Zu’s On and On. A bit of speak and spell and pinky perky vocal leaves an optimistic ending.

Download here:

1. Astro Zu – Sungod Ft. Tusks
2. D/R/UG/S ft. Fé – Overcome 
3. Attaque – Change Your Mind
4. Dems – Got No Brains
5. Fever Trails – Fever Trails 
6. Raving George – Slaves
7. Symmetry – Delay Modulation
8. Luke Walker – Represent
9. Fé – Time (Larse Remix)
10. Gilmer Galibard – Point of Entry
11. Astro Zu – On and On (Slugabed Remix)


~ by acidted on January 3, 2015.

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