Elliot Adamson – Janus Face


Elliot Adamson’s someone who has featured here a few times in 2014. If you haven’t tried his techno stuff before, here’s a four track giveaway. He’s unimaginatively called it “End of Year Giveaway” (bloody students, too busy partying to think of proper names), but I prefer Janus Face, to encompass a retrospective and prospective sense.

Enough Roman mythology. On with the music. There are two originals from Elliot and two remixes. The EP opens with watch-loving original Tag Heuer. A vocal techno track that’s set for partying. 1974 2006 is a more serious affair with hard drums and a serious techno face. Quality.

The two remixes are for Green Velvet and Ricardo Villalobos. The Green Velvet one is a techno groove that just won’t stop. The highlight of the EP is the Villalobos remix of Enfants (Chant). Best thing here, as I said before “I’m not generally a fan of Villalobos’ minimal thing. But Elliot gives it a bit of extra depth and richness to produce a technoified version that gambols like a new lamb. Sorted.”


~ by acidted on January 5, 2015.

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