Being a Diplomat. Not my thing. I used to be rather disdainful of diplomats. People who make small talk for their country. Then I had to be guest of honour at an Embassy reception. A really tough few hours, the need to impress a bunch of people I’d never met before and make a good impression of myself and the country. Not fun. I’d much rather be grumpy in a corner somewhere.

Ambassadeurs meanwhile (aka Mark Dobson) does bassy electronica and has his Forever EP out next week. Here’s some tracks to listen, including at least one free download. This kind of UK bass thing with the high pitched vocals on top is terribly hit and miss. Here, the title track is ok in a slightly forgettable way. INJA has the vocals and leaves me cold. However, the other two tracks are quite lovely. Willows Lullaby is slower, woozier and dreamy electronic pop. From You is even better. A track that Mark says was “made on the bus whilst touring the US” is easily the cream of the crop. The electronics are gently uplifting, with a bass to drown in, and the twin sampled vocals add to the euphoria. Go get.

Blurb: Ambassadeurs (aka Mark Dobson) started out learning his craft on an 8-bit Amiga computer, wrestling with the notoriously tricky Octamed while the rest of us were playing Lemmings. After the requisite teenage years in psychedelic rock bands, he upgraded to Logic and began working with electronic instruments, getting inside the machinery to make them sound the way he wanted.Taking cues from dub, hip-hop, bass and jazz, but sounding like none of these genres, Ambassadeurs’ sound is hard to pigeonhole. His distinctive style can be attributed to a Tobin-like love for turning found sounds into samples and processing them beyond recognition – creating music as unique as his talent.


~ by acidted on January 15, 2015.

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