Steve’s Sounds (1)


The results of the Saudade T-shirt competition and start of a new series.

Earlier in the week, I said you could win a Saudade T-shirt by naming two psuedonyms that Steve Cobby has recorded under as a solo artist. My thanks to those that entered. But there can only be one winner and that was Will Stewart with The Solid Doctor and J J Fuchs.

The other correct answer was Testosterone, which I’ve never heard of before. Some people went for Horsemilk or Heights of Abraham. But, according to Steve, these were collaborations, not solo affairs.

Which brings me on to the new series. Steve’s Sounds is a short Sunday series featuring the downtempo solo work from Steve Coby. It’s called Steve’s Sounds because of Steve Cobby but also after a second hand record shop which I used to frequent in the 90s. Based in Soho (Rupert’s Court, I think), it’s now long gone but was one of my best places to go on a Monday to rootle through their seemingly endless supply of promos.

Today’s musical offering is Burn The Index, another of those tracks which didn’t make it on The Solid Doctor’s How About Some Ether collected works 93-95 LP. It’s a simple, less than usually lush, tune by The Solid Doctor. The electronic nature of the track is emphasised by gently crushed beats set against some Rhodes and then a bit of guitar. Lovely contemplative tune.


~ by acidted on January 18, 2015.

3 Responses to “Steve’s Sounds (1)”

  1. Got the shirt! Thank you! 🙂

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