Here’s a real curate’s egg from Becoming Real on his LQD OIL cassette. Curate’s egg because it’s available on a run of only 50 gold cassette’s (albeit with download) but also because the tunes range from the lovely to the awful.

Becoming Real is Toby Ridler. LQD OIL is a five track affair. Opener, Grime Lord is not the dirty grime you might have expected but a cool piece of spacey electronica. Very cinematic and evocative, even if it doesn’t quite have the hook it needs. You Will Be Deleted is very good. A bit of IDM jungle, where beats skip around and the bit of clavierchord (?) makes it a jungle cousin of Orbital’s The Box.

Then it goes wrong. Very wrong. Kick The Polka sounds like it those hissy distorted recordings you got on tape when you’d used it too often and the levels were too high. .Com Futurist is a bit ravey in an early 90s hardcore sense with no redeeming features. Thankfully, quality control is restored with The Service. A return to the spacey electronics of Grime Lord. A complex mix of strings, drone tones, vocal snippets and the odd crackle. Lose yourself here. Wallow in the warmth of it.




~ by acidted on January 20, 2015.

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