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For a cold bright morning here’s a great acid techno remix of Emmanuel Top’s Turkish Bazar by Max Aristid. Free download.

The original track samples Jim Morrisson and the Doors Black Polished Chrome and dates from 1994. The original sounds almost slow and stately today. Max Aristid has given it a bit of extra oomph and jauntiness, without detracting from what made the original great.

Here’s the original.

MP3 320:…

WAV (phatter, for DJ):…

Emmanuel Top’s “Turkish Bazar” known as a acid techno classic of the 90’s got a new facelift by Max Aristid. The Max Aristid bootleg version includes the original vocal sample by Jim Morrison & The Doors (An American Prayer). The official Beatport version is called “Chromed Molecules” featuring female vocals by “Pixie”. (Release 20.2.15)

The vocal sample “Black Polished Chrome” is interpreted in a artistic way by means of clear bell atmo (Korg Wavestation) and metallic Roland TR-808 HiHats. The acid bassline is a unique version inspired by the original track. The heavy sub-bass compression is achieved by legendary Universal Audio hardware compressor “1176” in crunchy ” All Button Modus”… Take a journey into acid.



~ by acidted on January 26, 2015.

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