Some of the best things in life are still yet to be discovered


Human beings are strange things. We have no idea why we laugh, blush or pick our noses. And yet sometimes we are satisfied with our lives remaining largely unchanged for centuries. And others, not simply because of basic food pressures, we have restless feet and a feeling that the grass is greener elsewhere.

Such contradictions exist within us. Much of my life is a constant search for conservatism (or unwillingness to change) and yet in music the constant search for that ‘perfect’ tune. Take Roisto, a Finnish artist, who produces a mix of synth pop and classic French disco house (very Daft Punk). His new Apart In Love track is a bit 80s synth with a glossy vocal (think A-ha). But despite this I trawl the other tracks looking for ‘it’. I didn’t find it but I did find this, a cracking remix by Yotto, which gives the tune a harder carapace, some structured 4/4 beats and some fantastically choppy house piano.



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Some of the best things in life are still yet to be discovered, and this couldn’t be any truer than with Finnish producer Roisto and his new 6 track EP on Youth Control. A release which oozes fresh sounds, from the opening track ‘Apart in Love’, with it warm synth break throughs and French electronica beats, to ‘Call The Sky’ with a haunting modular make up, it’s unlikely that Roisto will remain in the darkness for much longer.

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~ by acidted on January 27, 2015.

2 Responses to “Some of the best things in life are still yet to be discovered”

  1. Good musings

  2. […] shimmery, nu disco tunes. Here’s a lovely example from Roisto (I had a remix of this back in January) but it sounds better now the sun’s […]

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