Slighter – Makes No Sense


We had a preview of a track from Slighter’s Makes No Sense EP a couple of weeks ago. The EP isn’t out until next month (9 Feb) but there are more tracks available to listen. This is an EP of dark, clattering sounds, with an uneasy ambient twist.

The track Makes No Sense exemplifies the mood. It’s a bit Bill Nelson (hence the Jam posting of Quit Dreaming the other day) in its futuristic use of synths.  It’s a lot of clatter, some squelch and a lot of unsettled awkwardness. Like a teenager in a hoodies at a my little pony party. Collapsing wanders off in a dark ambient forest of hidden shadows. End Game has that industrial sheen of which Slighter’s so fond. A bit too NIN computer game.

The remixes come from Abstrakted, Ryan Zigler and Springa. Abstrakted takes on Makes No Sense and focuses the track firmly in a lost ambient landscape. Music for asteroids. Ryan Zigler goes with Collapsing, which gains a thundering tech house urgency. Springa’s End Game remix remains the pick of the three. It’s a bit bloody good. A beautifully dark bass line gets blended with lovey rippling keyboards to produce something that’s simultaneously uplifting and grounded.


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Slighter presents a special EP of other worldly, atmospheric songs especially for Soundscapes Digital. Where “Collapsing” pulls you into a twisted, dark ambient mood, “Makes No Sense” picks you right back up with a melodic Liquid DnB groove. “End Game” finishes off the EP with a chugging Dub Techno vibe sprinkled with John Carpenter synth arps. Each track has received a special logic defining re-rub, with SSD newcomer Springa, alongside Ryan Zigler and Abstrakted providing fresh interpretations of their allocated original…

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— Slighter

~ by acidted on January 28, 2015.

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