Why are clowns so disturbing? Seeing the overly cute picture above it’s really hard to understand why. That’s never going to give you nightmares. But it is the cover image for Hey Rube! a collaboration (under the make-up) between Steve Cobby (ex-Fila Brazillia) and Kirk Mallinder (ex-Cabaret Voltaire) from 2012.

I’d never heard this before, so I thought you might like to listen, especially since the price is only five of your English pounds. It’s good. Very good. A perfect blend of Steve Cobby’s downtempo lushness with Mallinder’s crisp electronic funk.

Rob A Bank Rob is a tropical funk disco tune, havin’ it large. Mengi Dem Disco Leggy gives a bit of Jit to an otherwise austere electronic technoish backing. Scissormouth and Pimp Daddy kick back a little on the skinner’s couch. Dub takes over for Kamikazee Peloton and jazztasticness for Shaz Tate. Whether named after an Indonesia Beer or not, Bali Hai has an end-of-a-long-evening wooziness to make a beautiful comedown to end the album.


~ by acidted on February 2, 2015.

One Response to “Coulrophobia”

  1. I hate clowns – scary bastards. However, Cobby and Mallinder work well together. Top stuff, Ted – thanks.

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