A New Beginning


Dawns are new beginnings. After the darkness of the night or the darkness of the soul. Here’s a new compilation from Left of Field records that aims to raise money towards suicide prevention. The album’s pay what you want with 32 tracks. So, slip them a couple of quid, why don’t you.

The mood is mainly reflective. Soft electronics or guitars. Highlights are Polo (track 1), Susy Sun’s cover of The Kooks’ Bad Habit (track 3), the ambient of Poly (track 4), the IDM of Mernau (track 7), the warped synths of Celadon City (track 10) and Irregular Expression (track 16).

All Proceeds donated to this Bandcamp go directly to the ASPF’s (Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation’s) Paypal email address.

Our focus has always been on the awareness of mental health. After one year as a label this fact still has not changed. Artists from all around the globe have agreed to be apart of this monumental compilation that sees brilliant talents, big and small, showcasing the best of there abilities on one free to download album.

We decided to take a different approach from the first compilation, instead of exploring the highs and the lows of emotion, we decided to give insight to how music can influence mood. This compilation also focuses on giving you the best product possible for you and your ears to enjoy.

As always you can donate directly to various suicide prevention foundations here:

Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation:

Beyond Blue




~ by acidted on February 7, 2015.

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