Paul Mac ‘Space, Space and More Space EP’


Welcome to the week. Here’s something to berate you into work. Billy Nasty’s Tortured Recordings is back with a hard techno offering from Paul Mac. This is out in a couple of weeks time.

And in a different but downloadable vein, here’s a mixtape of Paul Mac’s influences, of which he says “It’s a mix up of very early influence records for me mostly from the 80’s almost all of it pre House or Techno leaning pretty heavily on the old fashioned cut & paste mix style which was also a huge influence for me.”

Blurb: Billy Nasty’s Tortured Records returns with a new EP from fellow UK player and Stimulus man, Paul Mac. Available from February, the vinyl version of ‘Space, Space and More Space’ comprises three new Techno cuts from Paul and a remix by Dutch talent Ritzi Lee (Underground Liberation), while the digital version also features a bonus track, the acid infused ‘Spiral Tones’. This quality EP displays all the originality and diversity of Paul Mac’s vibrant production skills.


~ by acidted on February 9, 2015.

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