Dunno how your week’s gone. But if you need something soothing, have this rather fine Chilling on the Couch .02 LP from Scientific Records. This is drum and bass with a Balearic attitude.

Opener, A Journey through Skylines, from Mav sets the chilled tone but with enough grit to avoid torpor. This ripples like sunlight in a dappled forest. Naibu’s Birds Eye View offers some acoustic guitar to give a sun-kissed air. It’s not all lie back and relax music as Kploar offers some heavy beat-laden sounds. All in all a fine comp.

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Various Artists – “Chilling on the Couch .02 LP” by Scientific Records (SCI017), featuring music by Mav, Naibu, Mobility, Bop, kpolar, Oscillist, Lm1, Inertia, Marso & Gala, Eissi, kRoNe.

01. Mav – A Journey through Skylines (but Sweet Dreams) (Microspacefunk Bop remix)
02. Mobility – Sunrays through Rain
03. Naibu – Bird’s Eye View
04. Oscillist – Mono
05. kpolar – Flutter
06. Mav – Time & Space (Lm1 remix)
07. Mav – Skylines (Inertia remix)
08. Marso & Gala – Tenderness
09. Eissi – Timesymbol
10. Eissi – Fallingrain
11. Eissi – Hiddenwave
12. kRoNe – Microcosmos



~ by acidted on February 13, 2015.

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