Fossil Archive 001


A new release on a new label provides one of the first proper classic tracks of the year. Techno bod Roberto launches his new record label, Fossil Archive and its first release ‘Prolecanites Gurleyi’. It’s the B side Gurleyi that captivates. This is a clean piece of techno with open German influences. A little bit of minimal sounds and a little bit of early Warp. Altogether a warm enveloping feeling.

Roberto says “I come from a background where most releases were traditionally cut at 45rpm, with one track per side on a 12-inch record”, says Roberto. “The music always sounded great, as it was mastered and cut to its highest potential. Increasingly these days there seems to be a trend where a lot of labels are squeezing a number of tracks on to each side of a 12-inch record. I want to go against that and make sure the music is presented in the purest way possible by cutting one track per side at 45rpm. The label will release primarily vinyl, although digital versions will also be available to purchase.”

If you liked that, have a podcast from Tresor


~ by acidted on February 13, 2015.

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  1. […] in February we had Fossil Archive 001, now comes 002. This time Roberto is collaborating with Jamie Anderson on Billingsella Corrugata. […]

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