Bad Cop vs. Kissinger

Bad cop

Listen to Bad Cop. He wants you to pay attention to this weird electronic album from Kissinger (no, obviously not the Vietnam war one; some guy from Croydon). This will fry your brain so much that you’ll tell Bad Cop what he wants to know.

The music is cinematic and frazzled. There are samples bouncing around everywhere. The mood is tense. There are Burial-type dubstep beats on the cool intro Nixon. There’s almost a pop song on Rhodes and some delicate garage to go with it. Occasionally, as on Eroin it falls in love with noise for noise’s sake. But that’s the exception, rather than the rule. For mid-period FSOL lovers.


Blurb: Croydon-based artist Kissinger is releasing ‘Childhood’s End’ on his own ‘Crimes Of The Future’ imprint on 9th February 2015. It is the first of a two-part space opera, with its sequel ‘Night Is A Giant’ dropping this summer. ‘Childhood’s End’ chronicles the loss of innocence of a planet, a society and an individual. Kissinger’s music seems to drift between fantasy sonic landscapes, avoiding classification. Incorporating elements of post-dubstep, garage, grime and distortion, Kissinger cites Sully, Actress, Jon Carpenter and Frank Frazetta as some of his main influences. Kissinger has been played on the Donkey Pitch Sub FM show and the Keysound Rinse FM show, where he was shortlisted for the LV remix competition.


~ by acidted on February 14, 2015.

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