The breath of fire


The breath of fire is my son’s name for this Lego creation. It seemed somehow appropriate for Suburban Dream’s 26 EP. This is reflective downtempo.

The EP has been a long time coming. Opener Holding Back featured here as far back as August. What I said then still holds ” This is downright sad. Not in a woe is me, rendering clothes kind of sad but more in that numbed, held within way. It is, if you can cope with the emotion it evokes, quite beautiful.”

26 is equally downbeat, with crushed, crushing beats and a little piano. A lamentation. Pull Through operates in its own suspended time. Synths offering a little Celtic styling and ages gone by. The Power of Doubt is anything but. Less doubtful and more forceful and dutiful.

~ by acidted on February 23, 2015.

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