emettbosh Great word Bosh. Wonderfully onomatopoeic.  There seem to be a variety of meanings but for me it’s associated with 90s raving and bonkers hard dancers off their faces. Just look at that gurner above. In that august journal Urban Dictionary they offer a definition that captures the beauty of the word:


To take large amounts of some sort of drug, legal or illegal, usually in pill or powder form.

“Right lads, let’s bosh these pills and have a —-ing banging night!”

Which brings us to the artist known as Bosh (Andrea Simioni) and his Substantia Nigra EP. The title track is a fine and pounding tune but the real gem here is The Hypocrisy of Consciousness which is a wonderful all-enveloping techno tune. Its forcefield of sound is leavened with dub techno chords and an analogue warmth. Superb tune as it builds and builds.

Blurb: Subspec is proud to announce the release of ‘Substantia Nigra’ by Berlin-based Techno artist Bosh. They say tracks should tell a story. This EP represents a fine collection of stories. ’Substantia Nigra’ features three original works of dub-influenced, abstract Techno. Bosh’s original version of the title track kicks the EP off with a deep, lo-fi rumbler of a groove. Brendon Moeller extends the loops out and explores the space between the drums in ‘Substantia Nigra (Brendon Moeller Dub)’. Brendon Moeller turns to his Echologist guise for the second remix on the EP ‘Substantia Nigra (Echologist Dub)’ dropping the straight ahead approach from the previous remix for a decidedly oblique and off kilter approach that is all about gathering tension to coil and release. Up next is the second original track on the EP ‘The Hypocrisy of Consciousness’ — something like a thick field of sound… a held curtain of sound with a nuanced, shifting note progression weaving through it… all held in place by a rolled off 909 thump.  The first remix of this track is ‘The Hypocrisy of Consciousness (The DJ ESP Woody McBride Irony of Consciousness Remix)’ in which Midwest Acid Legend Woody McBride kicks off with a dialed back version of the original wound around a 3/4 Acid line.  ‘The Hypocrisy of Consciousness (JGarrett Dub)’ is up next from Subspec’s own JGarrett. The JGarrett Dub version zeroes in on the rhythm of the chords and lets the funky dub ride as modulating filters and delays fly over a bedrock of solid beats and sub bass. Closing out the EP is Bosh’s original ‘Believing in a Contradiction’ guaranteed to shake the foundation with a heavy, insistent sub underpinning staccato synths that swirl in the stereo field as details slowly emerge.


~ by acidted on March 3, 2015.

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  1. That is lovely.

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