Here’s something new and very much in the IDM vein, which is somewhat unusual since it’s a couple of Americans called Duane and Nathan (allegedly) operating as Deferlow.

Their Mental Health EP is all you want from IDM. It’s a bit ambient, a bit clattery and a bit strange. And it owes a significant debt to Warp Records and Aphex Twin. Engage clatters along with clicks, and whirrs and bloops but with a warped sweet underlying melody. Strangeling takes it a step further by having the warped melody upfront and off-kilter bets in the background. Doesn’t work quite so well.

Old Instruments kicks back in an electronic Gothic manner. Like a depressed android stuck on his porch in an electronic Bayou. Blood Sex Ritual doesn’t sound much fun. And nor is this track, with its lost in the K Hole sound. Note To Self ends the EP, providing a calming exit as it clatters off down the corridors of your mind.


~ by acidted on March 12, 2015.

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  1. Erohl Kherh was here

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