Hashback Hashish @ SXSW


SXSW. Gets bigger every year. But I’m genuinely not sure what it’s about. I’m sure that’s a failing on my part. It’s like Glasto? Starts today. Seems to last forever (or until 22 March at least). The schedule is filled with showcases. Don’t know how much electronic music there is but Hashback Hashish (India’s Ashish Sachan) caught my attention. He does minimal techno of the awkward sort that doesn’t seem a good fit with all those geetars. His showcase is at Iron Bear on 20 March.

If you can’t go / won’t go, here’s some of his music, including free downloads. And to accompany that, I asked him three quick questions:

1.What does going to SXSW mean to you?

SXSW is a great opportunity to witness some fantastic up and coming acts, definitely, but more than anything it’s the most direct way to test your sound in front of a different audience. The feedback is instant; the energy in the room is an instant temp-check of how people respond to your music.

2.What do you want people to get from your music?

Quite simply, I want them to be moved. Physically, emotionally, spiritually – I’m not fussy, as long as there is a shift in the audience’s lives – no matter how miniscule.

3.What’s your favourite food?

A stiff Jack & Coke. [maybe he does have more in common with geetar bands than I thought]

Anyhow, the music. Here’s his Over Consumption EP and his Stoned LP – a free download. The Over Consumption track is minimal yet uncompromising techno. All machine music. LSTN is a warped bass repeating until the end of time.

The Stoned LP he says is “Stoned is the result of countless sleepless nights spent trying to doggedly quantify emotions that we deflect. Things you wouldn’t talk to those closest to you about, but pour out to a stranger on a train. Stoned is an ode to night time.” It’s a less one dimensional affair and far more interesting. The product of a range of international collaborations, it covers more textures, tastes and smells. From IDM with warped melodies to neo-dub techno and buzzy electro. This is a great free download LP. The collaboration with Ochtone on Moonlight Sun is particularly good.



~ by acidted on March 13, 2015.

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