A new downtempo artist from Manchester via Columbia.

1. Manchester, so much to answer for. Are you from Manchester or moved subsequently?

I was born in Bogota, Colombia. My family moved to London when I was 8, then to Essex, until I subsequently moved to Manchester 3 years ago to study music production.

2. Nymad’s an odd name. Where does it come from?

As I’ve moved around a little, I took the word nomad and replaced the o with a y.  After much indecision, I liked the sound of it.

3. You describe yourself, amongst other things as a drummer. What bands were you in?

I was in a couple of bands in college. One was called The Fretful, we played indie rock around local pubs in Essex. The other never had a name, it was more experimental.

4. You have an Influences mixtape on your soundcloud. Who were your top music and non-musical influences?

I’ve been heavily influenced by artists like Bonobo, The Cinematic Orchestra, Bersarin Quartett and Helios. My top non-musical influences are…people, sights, sounds and feelings.

5. What do you want people to take from your music?

I would like people to listen to it and feel relaxed. That would be really nice.

6. Your current EP is called Elision, meaning the omission of one or more sounds (such as a vowel, a consonant, or a whole syllable) in a word or phrase. What have you omitted?

Elision can also be defined as the process of joining together or merging things, especially abstract ideas. That’s what I meant when choosing the word Elision for the title of the EP.

Nymad’s Elision EP opens with two tracks featuring Jade Parker. No offence to her but I’m not one for vocals. First Light is a lovely drifting track featuring what sounds like a Kalimba. Very Sunday morning. Likeminds is more obviously trip hop and more disposable.

Trails is where the EP takes off. His drumming background shows itself here as everything takes place to gentle tribal drums and a simple synth line. There’s an otherworldly beauty to it all. Too reliant on beats to be ambient it nevertheless has a calming influence, making me watch sunlight steaming into the kitchen. The EP ends with Luminosa which continues the template in Trails but with thumb bells and an almost Oriental feel.

If you liked that, try the Allure EP, which is a free (name you price) download.


~ by acidted on March 15, 2015.

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