Ben Long – The Other Side EP


A three track EP from Ben Long and very good it is too.

‘Law of Sine’ is a splendid piece of anthemic techno, the muscular jackhammer of a bass quite splenetic in its application and made all the more intense by the hissing high hats at its side. A prolonged midway break of undulating bass and organ-like synth gathers pace and potency before the beat lets rip again in a burst of power and fury. Marvellous.

In contrast, ‘The Solver’ is a deeper, more nuanced affair with a gorgeously hypnotic rhythm of twirling bass, pirouetting synths and gentle handclaps, possessed of an almost ethereal nature, that had me moving from the get go. The remix is unexpected, an eccentric ambient makeover of elements retrieved from the original that gradually builds but never erupts, stripped down but maintaining the other-worldly vibe of the former.

Quality sounds.

Review by D

And here’s something from BITD

Blurb: Bulletdodge’s next release comes from one half of the Space DJz, Mr Ben Long who delivers a stellar piece of techno wizardry. ‘The Other Side EP’ consists of three tracks. First up is ‘Law Of Sine’, which is nothing short of an anthemic masterpiece. Boasting a killer lead hook, solid bass line and euphoric breakdown, this track will shatter any dancefloor. Next up is ‘The Solver’, a deeper affair, with a rolling bass line, infectious stabs and intricate background pads, this track has a groove to zone out to. Completing the EP is Ben’s “Late Night Mix” of ‘The Solver’, this time producing a hypnotic instrumental rendition of the original that will sit nicely on any set introduction.

~ by acidted on March 16, 2015.

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