I know I should apologise for this. But I’m not going to. I really liked the original for its bouncy tune. And I like this remix for much the same reason.

Download Link –

I still play all my music for my mom even though her reaction is the same each time. “That’s nice Scotty , now can you please lower that” (Insert Long Island mom accent)

My long time buddy @realDJPAIGE brought this idea up to me one day and I couldn’t resist. Being an 80’s baby and having older siblings this track was a staple in my house .

Below you’ll find some fun facts about some of the lyrics to “Land Down Under” which before I did some research made no sense to me.


Fried out Kombi : a broken-down van. It came from the VW Kombivan which was very popular in the ’60s and early ’70s, especially with surfers and hippies.

Head full of Zombie : Zombie was a particularly strong batch of marijuana which was floating around Australia for a long time. People called it “Zombie Grass.”

Vegemite Sandwich : Vegemite is a fermented yeast spread that is pretty much a national institution in Australia.

Regarding the lyrics, “Where beer does flow, and men chunder…” Chunder is Aussie slang meaning to vomit.

~ by acidted on March 19, 2015.

2 Responses to “Chunder”

  1. Dear, oh dear (shakes head sadly)….

  2. […] might remember I posted (to D’s disappointment) a Chachi remix of Men At Work’s Down Under. I’ve no idea what she’ll make of this remix by Chachi for Dirty South. With You is a […]

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