electronica lifeless and introspective


“Electronica lifeless and introspective” is how the debut album Resilience, from Maxime Dangles, is described by the record label, Skryptom. It’s a compliment. This is machine music, with an ethereal slant.

Yes, Maxime Dangles. Bit of a porno name in English but probably doesn’t come across like that in French. This is also a bit of a change from Skryptom’s usual techno dance floor output. Resilience is techno at its heart but techno taken to the IDM fringes. There’s nothing human here. It’s the clattering of machines in the fog. It’s out in May.

VIII starts softly with nothing much beyond a bass drum and an eerie sensation. Then comes one of the album highlights, Amsterhodes. This is also built around the bass drum but with other worldly Rhodes in dub mode set on top. You’re never really going to dance to it but for a moody evening with a bottle of red wine, this suits perfectly.

Rough finally finds a way onto the dance floor with a spritely dub techno tempo. Doctor’s Rules abandons that soon enough and retreats into awkward blooping. Borderland continues the twisted sound but with a hint of the human underneath the samples.

Ventricule is the other album highlight, with an atypical sense of optimism. The chords are hopeful and the beats are danceable. Burn is the other side of that equation. This is true hopelessness in its churchy chords and tiny clatter. The sound of optimism expiring. For me the album should end there. But it doesn’t. Resilience (the track) asserts the power of the light and provides an optimistic coda, with its martial drums and chirpy synths.

And while you wait for the album, here’s a downloadable mix from Maxime that opens with VIII

Blurb: Resilience, the very first album from Maxime Dangle, perfect combination between generous and exalting techno tracks, electronica lifeless and introspective and organic electronic compositions, Reveal all the maturity and the eclecticism of the producer. Produced and composed at the dawn of a tempestuous period of his life, This first long play expresses the bottom of one felt powerful staff, A passage of the darkness in the light summary under the name of “resilience”, As the story of a life every episode of which expresses himself by a different musical universe.

After ten years of career punctuated with releases on label such as Kompakt or Skryptöm this first album has airs of mini-revolution thus, proclaiming the transformations of Maxime Dangles’s sound imprint. And for this change of cape, it’s Skryptom, that accommodated already gladly his creations, which upsets his habits by bringing out “resilience”, so opening in the compositions more smoothly from which emanate the album, overtaking the aesthetics of resolutely techno preference to which the label had accustomed to us.

11 Mai 2015 : Digital and CD release

11 Mai 2015 : Album Vinyl « Resilience » release

11 Mai 2015 : Vinyl Resilience EP Part 1 release

25 Mai 2015 : Vinyl Resilience EP Part 2 release

08 Juin 2015 : Vinyl Resilience EP Part 3 release






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