Rhythm Distrikt


After a bunch of leftfield dance posts here’s something a bit more mainstream but still good from Toolroom Records’ Rhythm Distrikt series and their new RD09 compilation.

This is a comp that you wouldn’t turn your nose up if it were played end to end in a club. There’s a lot of tech house sleekness to be enjoyed and not a duff track to be had. Highlights come from The Yellowheads and the rippling ear worm that is Whispers, from Ron Costa’s minimal tech Owl Johnson and the cool house of Oscar L’s Switch On The Love.

Blurb: The latest streamlined installment of Rhythm Distrikt is locked, loaded, and ready to fire. Offering up 10 exclusive bullets from some of the freshest names in underground music today. Please welcome Skober, Ron Costa, Oscar L, Joe Blake, The YellowHeads, Stefano Kosa, Spartaque, Egoism, Deas & Jayforce to the arena. ‘Rhythm Distrikt 09’ is stripped back, sleeker, and stronger than ever before. This new format is purpose built like a homicidal robotic panther with a laser beam strapped to its head, and ready to deliver the goods like a hot shot straight to your system.

Rhythm Distrikt 09 Tracklisting:

1 Skober This Time It’s For Real Original Club Mix

2 Ron Costa Owl Jolson Original Club Mix

3 Joe Blake Searching Original Club Mix

4 The YellowHeads Whispers Original Club Mix

5 Stefano Kosa The Cave Original Club Mix

6 Spartaque Undine Original Club Mix

7 Oscar L Switch On The Love Original Club Mix

8 Deas Mirage Original Club Mix

9 Egoism Jack Original Club Mix

10 Jayforce What! Original Club Mix


~ by acidted on March 26, 2015.

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