Karizma presents Beats & Bobs Vol​.​FR33


A break in the clouds to bring you Karizma’s third volume of his Beats & Bobs series. But this time it’s free.

We had volumes one and two back last year. Here’s the third volume being released as a freebie on Karizma’s birthday. Get it while you can.

Volime Fr33 is a three tracker, with Kno Honey a dirty house track veering almost into electro techno in its sleaziness. La La Break return to the classy leftfield house that he does so well. A hands in the air La La La sample is accompanied by bongos and a sinuous groove. Clever, very clever. The Jerk is neither stupid nor masturbatory. It’s a return to jazziness and house. Loving the Hammond on this one. All polo neck and beatniks.

Blurb: The third installment of Karizma’s “Beats & Bobs” series of raw beats and basement edits continues with a special free edition!!! Beats & Bobs Vol. FR33 is a gift to his fans and supporters on his birthday and contains 3 more heavy hitters to keep any dance floor shaking.

“Kno Honey” is a straight up pulsating electronic exploration of nasty groove weaving layers of sonics through the clicks, booms and snaps of a signature Karizma beat. “La La Break” takes a familiar melodious vocal refrain and laces it with a teasing rugged percussive thump – the sweet and the heat in perfect balance. Finally, “The Jerk” sees Karizma return to soulful jazzy club stomper territory with this devastating Hammond work-out over the customary irresistible Karizma house groove.


Look out for Karizma’s Beats & Bobs Record Store Day Vinyl Edition 10” featuring 2 exclusive vinyl only cuts. Limited to 500. Out on April 18th

~ by acidted on March 28, 2015.

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