Steel guitar on the radio


Steel guitar. Lovely instrument for ambient. Don’t know why it isn’t used more often. If KLF could use it so evocatively on Chill Out then why can’t others. Here’s Jenkins to take up the challenge on his Periscope EP.

Exuviae uses the steel guitar as part of an almost ambient blues track. Periscope retains the steel guitar but set in a crisper lament. Shorn’s rippling guitar almost drifts into TV incidental music. Firenze didn’t smell of gelaterias or the Uffizi. Bu that was a long time ago and they didn’t press charges. No Doubt brings back the steel guitars to close. When this EP marries the guitar to electronics, as on Exuviae, Periscope and No Doubt it works rather well. When it doesn’t as on Firenze and Shorn it smells of Radio 2.

~ by acidted on March 31, 2015.

One Response to “Steel guitar on the radio”

  1. Nice stuff…of course Daniel Lanois makes nice use of steel guitar on his ambient work.

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