Late Evening Early


A picture of the sun setting beneath a bank of cloud from the other week. Seemed a perfect accompaniment to this lovely bit of drone ambient from Dionysiac.

He says “I sat down to do some sound design work planning to work on some minimal dub techno sound design and started messing with Operator and Valhalla Shimmer and before I knew it I had a really nice drone thing. So, more drone.” I say, stop what you’re doing. Put your phone on silent; ignore the blandishments of twitter; cast aside the targeted advertising of Facebook; and allow yourself 15 minutes of solitary contemplation with this track. Drone makes it sound as if there is krautish buzzing. This isn’t that sort of drone. It’s long washes of sounds and chords that are touched by Olympian heights. An aural ambrosia.



~ by acidted on April 5, 2015.

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