Future Ghost – Come Home


Some nearly new drum and bass on Guangzhou Underground from Future Ghost.

Guangzhou Underground is a collective of DJs and events promoters and a record label based in Guangdong province, China. They say “We are dedicated to bringing the sounds of underground dance music from around the world to China, and promoting talent from China internationally.”

For all that, this is a release by UK producer Future Ghost. Come Home is a liquid drum and bass tune with a romantic vocal. Rather fine, with tinkling piano and vocal offset by a tougher than you’d expect set of drum breaks. The BSN Posse remix chills it out a bit with a rolling lilt to it all. The final remix comes from Chocky who offers something in a dub style with a garage sentiment and a moody edge.

Blurb: As a record label, Guangzhou Underground is intended to reflect the MO of our parties in South China: international in outlook, and resolutely eclectic in terms of genre, styles and moods. Our second release, from UK producer Future Ghost, is a perfect distillation of this approach. In its original form, ‘Come Home’ is a lilting vocal Drum n’ Bass track, with its bittersweet refrain providing an emotional charge sustained by warm pads and rattling breaks. However, Spain’s BSN Posse lower the tempo to the currently hot 160bpm range on their remix, welding the vocal to an ever-shifting beats, bass and bleeps workout that is heavy on the head-nodding factor. There may even be a tasteful vocoder breakdown in there somewhere… Finally, returning to the UK and Chocky reshapes the tune entirely on his Dub version, with the melodic elements of the track deconstructed into murky textures floating atop a subterranean Deep House groove.


~ by acidted on April 6, 2015.

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