MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg – Something Good

Security truck

New synthy tune from Mount and Nicolas Haelg. This is sort of deep house, I guess. But what makes this is the parping synth lead that jauntily flaunts its stuff and a little bit of piano. It’s what Colonel Hathi would enjoy marching to. That there’s a vocal adds, rather than distracts. Another tune that says, sun is shining. Enjoy yourself. It’s a free download.

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~ by acidted on April 8, 2015.

4 Responses to “MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg – Something Good”

  1. I’m a frequent reader of your blog. I love the variety of music you bring for us, but it was the image of the Lego set that made me post. That Doc Ock set is terribly mis-proportioned! Here’s a 7-wide Mod I built that I thought you might like. Keep up the good work!

  2. Someone needs to lay the Utah Saints accapella over that.

    “Ooh, oy
    I just know that something
    Good is gonna happen
    Ooh, oy, ooh, oy
    I just know that something
    Good is gonna happen, ooh, oy”.

    That is my gift to the universe tonight.
    it may be best, however, to leave out the “Utah Saints, you-U-you-Utah Saints” bits altogether.

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