GEM_DOS returns with further experimentation, resulting in a bassy, keening, downtempo track. There’s a technical explanation below, for those who like that sort of thing. But for us consumers, this is a leftfield house track. It’s slightly slow on the beats and just about earns its downtempo tag. What makes the track are the little tricks that abound in and around the mix and what’s been done to the vocals to make it sometimes a vocal and sometimes another instrument and part of the backing music. Clever. And a free download.

Blurb: I started out with the drums in the octatrack and then recorded them into Ableton. The bass is U-he Diva. I then totally changed the drums in ableton but used the same pattern! The vocals cuts are 1 or 2 lines messed about with in the octatrack so I got some variations. The synth parts are various korg ms-20 mini takes. Not sure what it is but it was fun to make.

~ by acidted on April 17, 2015.

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