This is About the Bird that Flies Over the Fields and Doesn’t Care About the Fences


This is about the compilation that flies in the leftfield and doesn’t care about convention. This is about the new compilation from Amusiana, who believe that a shuffle approach to albums is the new track listing. Despite that there’s a kind of coherence to the sound of the album. It’s always a bit leftfield electronic, mainly downtempo, a lot woozy and a little wry. For woozy, try Wind Turbines, for wry try Bankley’s Lift Error.

Blurb: This is the second album from Amusiana and has been created for the random generation of listeners who are used to playlists being shuffled about. It’s an eclectic mix of leftfield music that wilfully ignores boundaries. A riot of sound and unexpected atmospheres. A flight of fantasy to the borders of sanity.


~ by acidted on April 19, 2015.

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