Hardkiss – Live @ PURE SPACE – 1994


And while we’re on Hardkiss, how about a mixtape of theirs from 1994. Get that proper gurning, ecstatic vibe. Free download.

Side A 01. My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andrew Weatherall remix) 02. La Funk Mob – Motorbass Gets Funked Up (Ritchie Hawtin remix) 03. La Funk Mob – Motorbass Gets Funked Up (original) 04. Lionrock – Don’t Die Foolish 05. Rhythm Invention – Jubbly 06. UNKNOWN 07. Anoesis – Heavy Water 08. Republica – Out of this World (Dust [Chemical] Brothers remix) 09. Roots – Hooligan Food 10. Infinite Wheel – Eleven Dimensions Side B 01. Infinite Wheel – Eleven Dimensions 02. Freaky Chakra – Trancendental Funk Bump 03. Outback – Baka (gooey green mix) 04. A Certain Ratio – Be What You Wanna Be 05. UNKNOWN 06. Sueño Latino – Sueño Latino (Derrick May Illusion First mix) 07. Sandals – Feet (Next School Wrong Side of Town mix) 08. UNKNOWN 09. UNKNOWN 10. Cajmere feat. Derrick Carter – Dream State

~ by acidted on April 20, 2015.

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