Liston EP: Exclusive


Here’s an exclusive track of downtempo electronica from Liston.

Liston is from Leeds and appeared on Chris Coco’s recent Nightbus album. The Until Dawn EP is not out until 27 April but we’ve got an exclusive track. Until Dawn is a downtempo funk number with Aisha Zoe providing beguiling moans and groans.

Candlelight has a more garage take on things, full of stops and starts and an air of glitch. Not sure I could work out how to dance to it but has head-nodding appeal. Nayani was the track that really appealed. This is solidly into laid back territory. Everything’s sloooow and woozy. Chime bells toll, birds screech and everything’s tropically steamy. Music for your day bed.

The final track – Niseko Sunrise – is the one that appeared on Nightbus. This has the dreamlike state that characterises the best of Chris Coco’s Nightbus excursions. No drunks throwing up at the back of the bus here. A proper piece of laptop electronic trickery.

Blurb: Liston is a producer from the mighty city of Leeds in the UK. He makes his own distinctive brand of laptop electronica. His tune Niseko Sunrise featured on the recent -NIGHTBUS album. We loved it so much we asked him to make an EP for us. Here it is.

Usually drawing from his jazz and hip hop influences, on this EP Liston has gone for more dancefloor oriented tracks in Until Dawn and Candlelight. However he still retains his signature sweeping ethereal pads and smooth vocal chops. The third track, Nayani, takes a step back, with lush piano and guitar lines accompanied by a stripped back drum progression, giving a feeling of reflection and changing emotion.

“Leeds future bass and garage protege once again graces our speakers. This time with the wonderful ‘Niseko Sunrise’, a downtempo, warm vibe comes off this one. Just the way we like it.” WeAreSoundspace Blog

“Liston’s background in a wide variety of genres, from hip-hop to classical piano to underground house, is evident, but he manages to craft a sound that’s all his own.” Robotic Peacock Blog

Recent support from Nick Luscombe (Late Junction, BBC R3)




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  1. nice tune that

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