Pushing boundaries as ever, Mr C is back with his Illusion EP which wants us to think whether our reality is an illusion, given quantum mechanics. That’s all too much for me to cope with, so let’s have a physics joke:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

It didn’t, it was already on the other side, too.

Oh my aching sides.  Meanwhile, somewhere in space and time, coming on like a seventh sense, the Illusion EP is a departure from Mr C’s usual austere tech house and the title track goes straight for something more complex and lush. Washes of sound come and go. Really rather good. Jay Tripwire gives the track a slowed acid remix, which is equally good. Noel Jackson does a rather dull mix by himself and then a much better mix with David Scuba. This takes the track to the bottom of the ocean until it’s just a set of gurgling, reverberating sounds.

~ by acidted on April 24, 2015.

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