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Here’s a round up of a few of things you might like. There’s techno from Victor Santana, UK house from Nocturne Inc and some funky deep house from Sebastien Leger.

Victor Santana is from Madrid and releases high quality techno on Chaval Records. Here’s Don’t Let Them Stop Your Dreams of Change, a total head rush of acid lines and excited chords. Very Detroit. His next release on Chaval Records is ‘Live’, a new 4-track EP to coincide with the release of his Live video. Both the EP and full-length video will be released on 20 May.

Nocturne Inc is “the alias of an already established producer who is looking to take his music down a different path, and now wishes to share his debut release ‘Can’t Stand The Daylight’ with the world.” This kind of makes me sigh. Do we really need to know this? What does it add to the track? That said, Can’t Stand The Daylight is a really good track. Slightly uncategorisable, mixing as it does elements of UK bass, UK house and a little bit of garage. This knows how to let a hook sink its claws into you and not let go.

Sebastian Leger has a new Temple of Lions label and his new release on it, Nighttime / Oasis is out soon. Nightime is the pick of the two track. It flirts along a deep house and techno border. There’s a darkness to the bass and to its soul. There’s a sub-bass throb that permeates the track and a xylophone chirpiness on top. A leftfield winner.

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~ by acidted on May 2, 2015.

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  1. That photo is fantastic.

  2. very kind of you

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