Spring is sprung, so let’s celebrate with boerd’s new album Panacea. There’s no summer breashness, just delicate chilled music for new growth and blossom.

Panacea [Latin panacēa, from Greek panakeia, from panakēs, all-healing : pan-, pan- + akos, cure.], like 2013’s Cerebrum is a mix of ambient and chilled sounds.

It’s Okay starts with a distorted vocal, giving the track a dreamlike quality of oddness. Svar mixes tinkling piano sound with a click track. Drums only makes a shuffling appearance part way through. City Sleep is a bit twee, with the trebly vocals, but manages a kind of cute charm. Insomnia III is almost not there with piano and Rhodes set to ever-so-soft. Close’s drum washes have an almost lounge jazz quality but still infused with a dreamy state. What If takes things up a gear with a subtle drum and bass approach but the vocal is still infused with talk of sleep and dreams. Closer Dust takes things to their natural conclusion with distorted synths that sway and wobble. A lullaby for the insomniac generation.

Blurb: This is “Panacea”, my second full length album, released on April 30th 2015 through Comorbid Records. All the songs were composed and mixed by me (Bård Ericson) in 2014-2015.


Cover art by Kilian Eng (DW Design)
Mastering by Jonathan Dakers

The vocal sample in “Close” is from the song “Close Enough” by my talented friends “Adam & Alma”. Check them out!

~ by acidted on May 3, 2015.

One Response to “Panacea”

  1. It may have sprung down in the big smoke Ctel but it’s bloody baltic up here and sleeting at the moment!

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