Had Enough. Not really.

r2d2 lego

So, here we are. A few days beyond the general election shock – though less so for me, I’d been saying this feels awfully like ’92 for a while. Let’s move beyond politics to drum and bass and Had Enough, a tune by Mark Stephenson from Southampton (via Brighton).

As for Southampton’s music scene, Mark says “The Dubstep scene is massive in Southampton but not so much the DnB scene,” I wanted to know the best thing about Southampton (an unlovely place after being badly bombed in WW2) and a recipe. He offers “Best thing about Southampton? The Woolston “Kebab Centre” I’m serious. The place is the best takeaway this side of Turkey.” Stay classy.

Of the tune, Mark says “Every DnB track I hear these days especially on Beatport seems overproduced with producers aiming to fill every 8 bar loop with 150 different sounds from an FX sample CD. I am of the persuasion that music should give you an emotional response and less is certainly more in that regard and that’s how “Had enough” was conceived, It shows you can still be massively bass heavy but with melodic building elements that give an emotional response.Letting the track build and creating the space in which the elements within can breathe is what I envisaged for it. The track has had great support from KaneFM and RudeFM and is currently unsigned.”

The track’s a liquid drum and bass track with space for the tune to be heard. Reminds me of some of the releases on Diffrent Records. Has that minimal aesthetic going on, despite the vocal.


~ by acidted on May 13, 2015.

One Response to “Had Enough. Not really.”

  1. The EP is finally being released on the 21/9/15 it can be previewed via the link below!

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