Escaping animals


E:  This is turning into a really rotten evening.

A:  Yes, well you better make the most of it, because it’s your last.
And it’s a pity, because it’s usually against my principles to shoot
dumb animals.

E:  Except squirrels?

A:  Yes! Bastards! I hate them with their long tails and their stupid
twitchy noses. (shoots two squirrels, “eep”, “eep”) I shall return at
midnight to collect the loot, when I’ll fill you so full of holes I
could market you as a new English cheese!

I thought of this Blackadder quote when I heard the new remix from Kev La Cat of Escaping Animals’ track Arafura. This is a lovely remix, Very folktronica and quite Four Tet. It’s quite the cute summery thing. Which is a shame now today is so cold.

And while we’re about it and much in the same vein here’s a remix of Major Lazer’s Get Free by Paige. This is nowhere near so leftfield, but it has that same cute summeriness. Makes me poptastic.
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~ by acidted on May 14, 2015.

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