Spring cocktail

Star Wars Lego

Here’s a cocktail of tracks connected by a downtempo smoothness. A remix of Fractal Architect by Carlotek, a new one from Stereodyssey which extends the ambient template into downtempo, and a bit of deep techno from Toni Tedesco.

Let’s start with Toni Tedesco. His Rhythm of Hope track came out this week and has a lovely bit of Berlin coolness allied to a dub piano sound. But this is no wispy track. The bass is deep and profound. Great grooving dark tune.

Next, Carlotek, who takes the progressive house of Fractal Architect and rinses it through a cool techno spin cycle to leave it whiter than white as a techno sparkler.

Finally, but not least, Stereodyssey, who ofer the lead track from his forthcoming EP Anomalies. This extends his minimal ambient sound into something a bit more lush and lightly glitched (could do with a bit less of the glitching TBH). There’s a sparkly sense of colour to it all before it dances off into the night.

“Anomalies” is the second single and title track for Stereodyssey’s upcoming EP, which is due out in late June through New Ancient Records.

Website: www.stereodyssey.com
Label: www.newancientrecords.com

~ by acidted on May 17, 2015.

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