Jozef K & Winter Son – Dancing Chaos Star EP


Here’s a new release from Jozef K and Winter Son. This is a lovely techno house EP. Each track oozes class and deep bass lines.

Dancing Chaos Star epitomises that approach. An elastic deep bass line, with lots of nods to the 90s from its 808 based approach. It’s more than a dark tune, with lovely slashes of vocal and a light synth topping. Forbidden Ritual is even more immersed in the bass. But again the sampled vocal and hi hats stop it plumbing the depths of techno. This is how UK bass should sound. The final track is Strike The Shepherd & The Sheep Will Scatter. Not sure what lies behind the Biblical reference (Matthew 26:31) but it’s an Orbital-esque number of The Naked And The Dead period. A desiccated sort of techno.

Blurb: Our debut EP for Skint Records.
We recorded these between two Northern cities over a few months whilst producing a fair few other tracks at the same time. We tended to jam through tracks every day during this particular writing period, eventually recording a winning take each night. It was Jozef’s designated job to find vocal hooks whilst I would focus on getting basslines and melodic phrases. ‘Dancing Chaos Star’ was born from a Juno 106, TR-808 and an old 60s drum break.


~ by acidted on May 20, 2015.

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