Winter Son – Words For Snow EP


Since we had Jozef K and Winter Son yesterday, I thought we ought to have Winter Son on his own today. This is his Words For Snow EP. These are only 2 min clips but show the great house approach that Winter Son brings to his work.

Polar Vanquish sets a piano line against a warped burbling rhythm and a gently chiming bass. It’s all very off-kilter but in a beautifully balanced way. Veil Over World also offers a piano line and electronics to start in a style almost reminiscent of the opening to a houseified Hitchcock movie. All subtle menace of things to come.

There are two remixes. The BAAL remix of Polar Vanquish ramps up the dance floor appeal by giving it a more conventional and upfront beats pattern. But it retains a sense of drama. Excellent remix. The Neil Flynn remix of Veil Over World is a curious beast. Dropping the cinematic nature of the original it goes for an immersive techno groove.

Blurb: Inspired by Kate Bush’s ’50 Words For Snow’, 1950s short movie ‘Arctic Thrills’ and Rev. EJ Peck’s book on Eskimo Grammar, ‘Words For Snow’ is an EP reflecting on the romanticism of the 100 words for snow in the Inuit vocabulary.

The idea behind the EP was to create something that amplified the devastating effects of snow and it’s not so obvious dangers. Both tracks are built around the images of the world literally disappearing under snow, however gentle it can appear at first. I wanted to use delicate sounds with a much darker undercurrent.
Written during the Winter months in my Manchester studio with lots of analogue kit.

Each limited hand packaged CD comes with artwork postcard, paper snowflakes, a page from the Eskimo Grammar book and card wallet wrapped in a veil of white mesh. I’ll list these on my Bandcamp page when it’s released, stay tuned…

Thank you for taking a listen.
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~ by acidted on May 21, 2015.

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