Basicnoise – Ellipsoid



Some dub techno, out in a couple of weeks time from Basicnoise on new label Hexachord. Whaddaya know, it’s German.

Those caricatured Germans. Not so dour after all. They produce some excellent dub techno. This Basicnoise release is largely on the IDM/techno side of the equation but Ellipsoid is an eminently listenable EP. The title track bubbles along nicely with a background clattering that teeters on the verge of falling over. Balanced beautifully. There’s then a version of Ellipsoid. This is more of an underwater dub with the techno almost at a sonar ping level. The EP ends with Spheroid. This rattles around in a matchbox like an IDM beetle.

Blurb: The first release features tracks by Basicnoise. With very much attention for the sound, the german artist dives into the deepness of Dub Techno, Ambient noises and drones.

All tracks written by Basicnoise
Mastered with

Label description:
Hexachord focuses on deep electronica such as dub techno, ambient techno and related music. Although we love and use the common ingredients like chords, phasers and spacedelays, we try to look over the edge of the plate to refine our sound.

June 12, 2015


~ by acidted on June 1, 2015.

2 Responses to “Basicnoise – Ellipsoid”

  1. This is really tasteful cubby tek. Great blog as well!

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