Knowing me, knowing you, aha


We know Slighter at this blog. I’ve written about 40 posts on his work. This one’s slightly different, since, in part, it’s about stuff I haven’t heard. Stuff that hasn’t been written. It’s a subscription service.

I’ve done a couple of these subscriptions in my time and so often the best of intentions etc. get over-ridden by life. But Slighter’s work across breaks, IDM, drum and bass and ambient is so consistently good that I’m prepared to give it a go. It’s only $15. He explains “Hey there! This is the ULTIMATE way to support my work, and the only way you can get to hear & download the first two Slighter albums: The Perfectly Damaged (heard on: Showtime’s House Of Lies, Lionsgate’s Blood Out) & Repetitive Action Junkie (heard on: FOX’s Bones), which are now out of print everywhere else! I’ve also compiled some rarities and unreleased songs from the early days of Slighter (including the sought after “Decay”, a song that circulated the ‘net around 2004-5.) Every so often I’ll be posting new music I’ll be composing specifically for subscribers. So join in and be a part of a truly exclusive Slighter experience!”

While you contemplate that, here’s a previously unreleased ambient track, Knowing. It’s a lovely piece, with a twinkling of the stars effect, reminiscent of The Orb’s early work (think Blue Room).


~ by acidted on June 2, 2015.

One Response to “Knowing me, knowing you, aha”

  1. Nice post, enjoyed this.

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