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Me and Cobby. Together at last. Almost. The vinyl of Everliving has arrived and in its honour the man has a mix for The Guardian. For those not in the UK, The Guardian is a liberal newspaper who likes a bit of the arts (and a reputation for typos, . They’re featuring a two hour mix by Steve Cobby.

The mix is as gentle and as beautiful as you’d expect, starting with the kalimba’s on Big Wow. There are masses of his own work and a few remixes, including his forthcoming remix of Hawke’s Cantoma on Whiskey Pickle records.

Exclusive set for The Guardian / Music

Steve Cobby – Big Wow (Déclassé)
Penelope Antena – Tradewinds | Cobbymix (Aficionado)
Beatspoke – Lately | Cobbymix (BBE)
Steve Cobby – Phatic Communion (Déclassé)
Jon Kennedy – Tonto Rides The Gain | Cobbymix (JKR)
Hey, Rube! – Tumblefish – (Throne Of Blood)
Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith – We Start Over | Apiento and LX remix ( International Feel)
Steve Cobby – Settling Days (Déclassé)
Steve Cobby & Isobel Helen – Clamour (Secret Life)
Steve Cobby – The Sirens Help Me To Sleep (Déclassé)
Anchorsong – Flamingoes | Cobbymix (BBE)
Hawke – Cantoma | Cobbymix (Whiskey Pickle)
Steve Cobby – Heeds (Déclassé)
JJ Fuchs – Stick It In The Middle (Déclassé)
Flash Atkins – Forbidden Flesh | Cobbymix (Paper)
The Solid Doctor – Tek Jaz (Déclassé)
Tricky D – Fight You With The Love | Cobbymix (BBE)


~ by acidted on June 3, 2015.

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  1. […] Like being gently rocked in a hammock. There is a remix from Steve Cobby which appeared on his mix for the Guardian.  The other track, Baltimore Boston Express is more electro and a bit much for this […]

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