l’église du Chant d’Oiseau, Brussels

rambling rose

Rave’s communal experience and spiritual element should make it a natural bedfellow with religion. But it’s tended to be new age stuff and shamanism. Plapla Pinky have chosen to take a different course, combining dance music with Christian music, especially church organ. The resulting track are, frankly, more contemplative than dance floor bangers but the result is rather moving and rather good.

Plapla Pinky are a French duo who explain their EP thus, “Our new EP Appel is founded on a reflection and speculation regarding the potential relation between Christian music (notably Christian masses for church organs) and the music of the rave culture. Organ is the primitive material for each track ; Scores were written for the Belgian organist Cindy Castillo and recorded at l’église du Chant d’Oiseau,Brussels.” The church is actually Eglise Notre Dame des Graces but they’ve used the popular name for it.

The sounds are not noticeably church organ. Rather the organ has been converted into a synth sound. The overall effect is somewhere between light house and ambient. Appel is a lovely house track in which it’s hard to hear anything other than electronic sounds. It’s far more a gentle chilling experience than it is sweaty rave.  Only on La Descente and Marche does it sound ‘churchy’. One to contemplate the meaning of existence.


~ by acidted on June 6, 2015.

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