Boys Own Back Again


The header to this blog is a photo from the cover of an issue of seminal acid mag Boys Own, from the late 80s, done by D. Along with Weatherall, Cymon Eckel and Steve Mayes one of the originators was Terry Farley. He’s been making house records ever since. We’ve a quick interview with Farley ahead of the Drop Acid Not Bombs event by Boys Own at The Steelyard, London on 27 June.

1. Do you look back fondly or indifferently on the Boys Own days?

TF: The day we did that first outdoor party in Guildford we knew we had changed things. The mix of people was something special – something sadly missing today. Pop stars, scaffolders and bricklayers , old school Soho club elite and suburban kids straight back from grafting in Ibiza … Musically, it was the ACID HOUSE era but we had the scope to play every genre of music that had come from the previous 3 decades … no rules – in fact we were making up rules as we went along.

2. What’s your earliest memory of Andrew Weatherall?

Sitting on a WW2 Jeep in the foyer of the MUDD club in Leicester Square dressed in fatigues and a German army vest smoking a joint – cool kid.

3. Tell us an anecdote about Steve Mayes?

Half of London wanted to kill him, as he was very strict on the door for Boys Own and Future and Spectrum – the other half loved him cos he kept the mix just right…

Some Wevers and Farley from BITD

4. What’s your favourite JBO release? And the worst?

BEST… Maybe Black Science Orch ‘ altered states EP ‘ – great London music via all that knowledge they had of black Americana. WORST… I made a stinker called Terry Farley’s second hand sneakers .. it’s on discogs for 10 pence.

5. Did you have any inkling that Boys Own would be remembered 30 years later?

You never look at next month when your in the eye of the storm do you – I’m very happy we are and very happy younger DJs are sourcing our stuff nowadays.

6. There are a number of 50 year old DJs. How long can that continue?

Dunno – only in HOUSE music do journos ask the question [oooh meow! – AT]. A reggae journalist doesn’t give a shit how old Jah Shaka or Rodigan is and Jazz journalists ain’t arsed about age either… once you stop making people dance and you stop digging new music then give it up.

roach mote l

7. What are your future plans?

Pete and myself hopefully have a double CD of our music coming out with DFTD which is very exciting – gigs in Berlin / Tokyo / Ibiza – everyone gets 15 mins of fame. I’ve been very lucky to have had quite a few 15 mins and very thankful it’s occuring again in 2015.

8. What’s your favourite food recipe?

Spanish chicken n chorizio – one pot heaven

Chicken; chorizo; onions; paprika; rice; tomatoes; garlic; butter beans; parsley; red pepper



Truth be told, I’ve not really ever been a fan of his original work (owes too much to disco and too little to indie for me) but nonetheless, here’s a recent Farley set

And details of the event are:


Venue: The Steelyard

London, EC4






Blurb: Boys Own, the legendary party series, fanzine and label descend on new London venue ‘The Steelyard‘ for their annual blowout on June 27th.

The Steelyard is a new venue set in the heart of the City of London. Set across 3 railway arches beneath Cannon Street Bridge its club space is 800 cap in one cavernous main room, with an adjoining bar arch, and split-level mezzanine area.  Housing a listed steel crane and track and exposed brickwork this unique space is fast building a rep for hosting the biggest parties in town.

Patrick Bodmer and Phillip Jung aka M.A.N.D.Y have very much carved their own unique niche in electronic music over the past ten years. From the release of  ‘Body Language’ (their smash-hit collaboration with Booka Shade) to launching and developing their own successful label ‘Get Physical’ they consistently push boundaries and have remixed the likes of The Knife, Joakim, Royksopp and The Klaxons to name a few.

Joining them on the bill is New York based DJ/producer Honey Dijon. Growing up in Chicago, she charmed her way into legendary clubs like Ron Hardy’s Music Box from an absurdly young age. She first wrapped her head around DJing by watching Derrick Carter play records in his loft. (She still counts him as a best friend.) Honey’s sets incorporate the bump of Chicago with more classic New York and European flavours.


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